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What to Expect

Thanks for joining us for a day of fishing! Here is what you can expect on your trip with us:

HALF DAY FISHING TRIPS (up to 10 miles offshore):

Party Fishing Boat in Tampa Bay
These trips are 4 hours long. Typically, it takes between 45 minutes and an hour to get to the fishing grounds. Once out there, the boat will make between one and up to three or four stops, depending on how the fish are cooperating. So, you can expect approximately 2 hours of fishing time. Sometimes , if conditions permit, the boat will drift fish, and there is even more fishing time. The typical catch on a half day fishing trip is grunts (snapper family), some sea bass, and an occasional grouper and/or kingfish. We also catch various species of shark, mostly in the warmer months. Frozen, cut squid (included) is the preferred bait on the half day, although we do bring frozen herring as well, in case some larger species are hungry. This type of fishing is very easy to learn, and our crew (deckhand, captain, AND cook) are all able to show you how it’s done! If you are new to this type of fishing, PLEASE ask the deckhand for some pointers on the way out, so your fishing time is maximized! The deckhand will keep your catch iced down for you on a numbered stringer, and when you arrive back at the dock he will be happy to clean your fish for you for a small fee.

ALL DAY FISHING TRIPS (up to 30 miles offshore):

Party Fishing Boat in Tampa Bay
These trips are 8 hours long (9 hours on private charters). Running time to and from the fishing grounds is between 1 1/4 and 2 hours, so you can expect approximately 4-5 hours of fishing time. A typical all day catch includes grunts, sea bass, triggerfish, grouper, and an occasional kingfish, shark, cobia, mahi, or amberjack. As on the half day, frozen squid and herring is used, although some all day fishermen bring live bait as well. Bait wells are available at the bait house right next to our dock, and live bait can either be bought or caught right at our dock. The idea on the all day is to catch plenty of the smaller, tasty grunts and sea bass, and try to bring in a keeper-sized grouper as well. Grouper are among the toughest fish to fool and get to the boat, but our crew will be happy to help you give it your best shot! Just like on the half day, your catch will be numbered and kept on ice for the ride back home, and back at the dock the deckhand will be happy to clean your catch for you for a small fee.


Note:  All trips require a minimum number of participants, as do all passenger vessels;  during slow times of year we sometimes keep the vessels in to conduct annual maintenance projects (painting, etc.).  You may ALWAYS call or email us before heading down to check on bookings.