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Customer Reviews

A little bit about our reviews……

Our review page contains lots of genuine customer reviews from our full- and half-day trips, plus our offshore trips.  Soon, our Sea Screamer reviews will go live as well.

Our reviews cannot be modified, deleted, or changed in any way.  These are not “blog posts” or emails that can be edited, then copied and pasted.  These are reviews gathered and published by an outside party.  Once a customer has completed their trip with us, they are free to write whatever they want.  So, what you read is what they’ve experienced.

Of course, we are not 100% perfect, 100% of the time, so from time to time we get a negative review that is published for everyone to see.  We take this as a positive – an opportunity to work toward correcting issues, whenever possible.  Unfortunately, we can’t do much about the occasional poor fishing day!

Your QUEEN FLEET crew will always try their best to ensure you have a fun day of fishing, in a safe and comfortable manner.

Remember, we are the ONLY fishing fleet around that publishes 100% GENUINE, UNBIASED, AND UNEDITED reviews about ourselves.  That’s how much confidence we have that we are your #1 option in Deep Sea Fishing in the Clearwater/Tampa Bay area!